Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Twelve: Gratitude

This post is a little hard I am having to bare open a part of myself which I am not usually so open about, my personal life. It is possible for the some of the people I work with to actually find there way to my blog. I am not out at my job because I have found many of my co-workers to not be receptive to alternate lifestyles. To those clever people and anyone else reading I say today I am grateful for my beautiful wife, Natalie. Unfortunately, she is not my wife, because we are two women who cannot be married in this state and our union of almost twenty-five years is completely unrecognized by the all the codified rules of society. However, this month is not soapbox month so let's just say, nuff said on that point.

Natalie turned forty-three today, and I just can't believe the assertive sixteen year old I meet twenty-seven years ago could every be this age and that she has chosen to spend so much of her life with me. I know this sounds saccharine, but I cannot imagine anyone I would rather be stranded on a deserted island with. I will admit that yes it is because I love, but also because if anyone could build a boat out seaweed and coconut hulls it is her.

We have grown up together and been through some rough times making it out the other the side still holding hands. She puts up with my demanding personality and knows just when to compliment my outfit. Her ability to survive in the enclosed confines of a car while I tunelessly sing (loudly) to the radio is just downright endearing. Every morning before she leaves the house she always kisses me goodbye telling me how much she loves me regardless of if I am conscious or not.

Natalie is the best of people, without my malicious humor. She is always kind, being a light touch for anyone with a sad story or an animal in need. She is a fixer and on so many levels she fixes me and inspires me to be the best version of myself so she will be proud of me. When I fail, Natalie does not judge me for my fall from grace. She just brushes the mistakes asides and sets me to right. I find her to be my compliment and for this and being my partner in this life I am grateful.

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anitak76 said...

That is so beautiful. I'm teary from reading about your life together and your loving words about Natalie. Can't wait to meet her in person.