Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day Twenty-nine: Gratitude

My day was all about my knitting, I got four projects soaked and blocked out. These finished items are hanging out together on my ironing board drying. Three of the finished items are part of my Christmas knitting. I feel like I am making progress towards my holiday. I still have five more project to go and I will be done. I am hoping the goddesses of knitting will bless with with speedy needles and error free projects. When I look at the items they make me smile and the thing that makes me smile the most is looking at stash yarn now beautifully knitted up into something wonderful. So today I am grateful for my yarn stash.

My yarn stash is all about possibility. When I look at the hanks, skeins, and balls of wool, alpaca, cotton, and whatever fiber fell off a shelf and into my basket I see more than just the string. I see warm afghans, fabulous scarves, fun wristwarmers, and stylish socks. They are all there waiting for me to knit them up.

Not surprisingly, I have shade after shade of green. A whole spring worth of greens patiently biding their time until they become something fun, something made by me. This Christmas as I paged through knitting books and patterns on ravelry, I thought about what I had waiting for me in my pie safe which houses my stash. I dug through my yarn and reviewed my candidates and was able to find exactly what I wanted. Don't get me wrong, I bought new yarn just yesterday, but still it is nice to come home to a cabinet of possibilities just waiting for the right pattern to be knitted up. For all of these possibilities from my stash I am grateful.

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