Monday, November 16, 2009

Day Sixteen: Gratitude

On a dreary Monday it is hard to really move beyond the daily grind to find my daily gratitude. I am grateful for the usual things, I survived another Monday. But is that really a soul searching thing to be grateful for? I reject the idea of surviving my evil Monday at work. I want something to take me to the sublime planes of gratitude. With an idea for substance for my soul I turn to my refrigerator and find just the balm I need.

Today I am grateful for Granny Smith Apples slathered in caramel sauce. Each little slice is a sweet taste of every good caramel covered apple I ever had. The remembrance of Falls long past, sitting on my grandmother's back porch steps, kicking my feet, as I anointed myself with a stickiness only a grandmother could scrub off. The tart fruit with the heavy richness of caramel melting away all the vileness of my day. And magically (like I truly care) my tub of caramel goodness proclaims it has zero trans fats. My day was not a complete wash, I am so grateful for apples and gooey caramel sauce.

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